kerogen solid called

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    The kerogen is the solid fractions of organic matter that is insoluble in organic solvents and in water that, when heated under pressure, breaks down into petroleum and natural gas. In contrast, the fraction that is soluble in organic solvents is called bitumen.

  • Kerogen chemical compound

    Kerogen, complex waxy mixture of hydrocarbon compounds that is the primary organic component of oil shale. Kerogen consists mainly of paraffin hydrocarbons, though the solid mixture also incorporates nitrogen and sulfur. Kerogen is insoluble in water and in organic solvents such as benzene or alcohol.

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    The naturally occurring, solid, insoluble organic matter that occurs in source rocks and can yield oil upon heating. Kerogen is the portion of naturally occurring ...

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    Solid, waxy mixture of hydrocarbons found in oil shale rock. Heating the rock to high temperatures causes the kerogen to vaporize. The vapor is condensed, purified, and then sent to a refinery to produce gasoline, heating oil, and other products.

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    Kerogen is a solid organic matter in sedimentary rocks. It is insoluble in normal organic solvents and it does not have a specific chemical formula. By heating kerogen forms liquid and gaseous hydrocarbons such as oil and gas.