what type of mineral is iron

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    Quick Mineral Reference for Formula, Group, Class, Subclass, Type Locality, Obsolete Names from John Betts Fine Minerals, mineral dealer in New York City.

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    Feldspar Feldspar is a rock-forming mineral. It is important industrially in making glass, ceramics, enamelware and soaps. It is also used in making bonding ...

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    Detailed description, properties, and locality information guide about the metallic element and mineral native iron-nickel and meteorites.

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    The most "eco" friendly cookware on Earth. This pan is 100-Percent Natural with 99-Percent pure Iron and a Bee Wax Finish to fight against oxidation while helping ...

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    Iron in Meat vs. Plants. Iron is prevalent in a wide variety of plant foods, especially beans and grains. In fact, vegans' iron intakes are as high or higher than non ...

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    A mineral is a naturally occurring chemical compound, usually of crystalline form and abiogenic in origin (not produced by life processes). A mineral has one specific ...

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    The mineral pyrite, or iron pyrite, also known as fool's gold, is an iron sulfide with the chemical formula Fe S 2. Pyrite is considered the most common of the ...

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    Article on the effects of mineral and vitamin deficiency on the human body.

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    Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness. In 1812 the Mohs scale of mineral hardness was devised by the German mineralogist Frederich Mohs (1773-1839), who selected the ten ...