howis lead ore melt into ingot

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    Jan 10, 2017· anybody smelting lead ? looking for valve off of ... are cast into ingots. ... need to extract the lead from the ore by heat. Do you mean you need to melt some ...

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    5x Iron Ore: Melted Lead Shard 5x Lead Ore: ... Lead Ingot 10x Melted Lead ... Black Desert Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community.

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    Excessive violations will lead to a temp ban and escalate from there. ... Can you Melt Ingots and how do you Turn ore into Melted fragments!!

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    The Lead refining furnace consists of a Refining Kettle/Pot, Shell, Refractory Lining, Exhaust duct, Agitator, Hood & Burner etc. The hood is normally provided with each refining kettle to absorb all the acidic fumes generated during the refining operations and convey it to the filtration system (Bag house, ID Fan & Stack duct and Wet scrubber).

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    Lead from these sources, as well as waste rock from lead ore mining, can often make its way into ground and surface water systems that are used for drinking, ...

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    Types. Ingots are generally made of metal, either pure or alloy, heated past its melting point and cast into a bar or block using a mold chill method.